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Tourist, hotel and restaurant sector

Fun Parks


Hotel and restaurant sector

You must be of age and it’s preferable to have a good level of the language. Generally the structures look for a staff to be able to cook, clean and with waiter/waitress and receptionist competences. To start your search, you can consult Caterglobal website. 

Youth Hostels

You can contact the Hostels at Hostelling International website, the global network of youth hostels where it’s possible to have a look about the list of all hostel structures on national territory. 

Technical field

In Australia people who have an engeneering degree are really wanted: particularly mining, civil, chemical and oil sector. If you would work as engineer you should belong to “Australian professional order”.  

Engineers Australia is national authority that recognizes qualifications in the field of engineering. If you will be recognized you could ask for “ Skilled Migrant Visa”.
To find a job: Engeenering jobs  

Agricultural sector

Have a look on National Harvest Labour Information Service website! It’s an Australian government service that help you to find a guide to work in agricultural sector. You can also try to find some jobs on Picking jobs website


Other ideas 





Simply hired 

If you need support:

Italian Association Living in Australia 

Contacts of Australian Interinal Agencies - Head Hunter Directory